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Ingenious Approach

We believe in entrepreneurs who are resourceful, despite being resource constrained.

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Creating The Future

We believe in visionaries at the helm of companies who are building products that will change our tomorrow.

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Beyond Capital

We believe our capital alone does not drive successful outcomes, therefore we seek to contribute through advisory, strategic introductions, and our arsenal of engineering talent.


KiwiVenture is a differentiated seed-stage venture fund that invests in innovative tech startups. Our primary goal is to align with top-notch entrepreneurial teams.

KiwiVenture has a unique and vibrant deal origination engine and diligence method. We have a deal flow of thousands of start-ups each year, cherry-picking the very best firms, with a demonstrated value proposition and, often, a proven revenue model.

Our understanding of the technology behind our portfolio firms enables us to make more educated investments and a better success. Our ability to help guide the entrepreneur through the start-up process, leads to a higher percentage of successful investments.